Art of Fusion


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Art of Fusion

Be innovative, be unique, be first. We created the origin story of the material creation of the Hublot watch that is expertly crafted and combined with cutting-edge technology. The short film was presented as the center of The Art of Fusion campaign at the luxury watch event - Baselworld. 

Role: Design Director, Film Director / Agency: Huge




Concept / Styleframe


Creative Director
Flavio Vidigal

Junichi Otake

Live Action Director
Perry Blackshear

Post Production Supervisor
Paul McAfee

Senior Producer
Christopher Michaels

Design Director
Junichi Otake

Art direction
Joel Watkins

Perry Blackshear

On set CGI supervisor
Andre Holzmeister

3D Lead
Andre Holzmeister, Corey Langelotti

Andre Holzmeister

Look Development
Junichi Otake, Joel Wakins, Andre Holzmeister, Corey Langelotti, Joey Camacho

3D Team
Junichi Otake, Andre Holzmeister, Corey Langelotti, Joel Wakins, Mitch Deoudes, Marlon Morina, Videl Torres, Joey Camacho

Lead Nuke Compositor
Jeen Lee

Comp and post
Corey Langelotti, Erik Rasmussen, Joel Watkins, Andre Holzmeister,  Marlon Morina,  Videl Torres, Joey Camacho

Motion Design
Marlon Morina,  Videl Torres, Robert Paynter

Storyboard Artist
Ed Traquino

Jeremiah Paulin

Music and Sound Design
One Thousand Birds