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I’m a Japanese designer based out of New York City collaborating with an amazing team at Huge, focusing in creating an emotional connection between brand and user. Currently I’m holding the position of Design Director, leading Studio creative team in providing services across 14 offices on a global scale. I specialize in telling stories without words. I’m a big fan of progress before perfection, always pushing myself to learn new tools to enhance the experience I design. 



Creative Direction, Design Craft, Art Direction, 3D, Motion, UX, Style frames, Photography, Build a team.



World Retail Awards, IAC Web Marketing Association, W3 Award Gold, Applied Arts, Interactive, Summit Gold, W3 Award Gold, W3 Award Silver ••• (6 Silvers), Webby Award, Summit Creative Award Gold, ADCC Merit Award, Mobius, Digital Marketing Award, Summit Creative Award, Applied Arts, Business, Applied Arts, Self-Promotional